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NEW Registered Nurse (pathway to BSN)

2  years | 61 Credits

Note: No application or pre-admittance test is required.

Why Pre-BSN?

·         This program could prepare you to enter university BSN or RN-BSN bridge programs

·         Or you can use it to earn health science credits while waiting to apply for the Associate Degree RN program

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (4 yr) vs Associate Degree in Nursing (2 yr)

Both paths lead to becoming a registered nurse (RN). Graduates from both programs take the same state licensure examination (NCLEX-RN) and the core nursing content is the same for both programs. Hospitals and other health care facilities are encouraging registered nurses to seek their BSN rather than ending their education with an ADN. The Institute of Medicine recommends that 80% of the nursing workforce have a BSN degree by 2020 due to a series of research promoting a transformation of the nursing profession.

2015-16 Degree Requirements