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FabLab Family Days

Spurred by the success of its recent summer camps, Patrick Henry Community College developed a new program for kids, teens, and their parents to learn together through hands-on workshops called The FabLab Family Days. This fall, on the first Saturday of every month, the whole family can learn a creative new skill – from 3-D chocolate printing to soldering circuit boards.

Each camp lasts from 10 a.m. to noon and costs $15 per participant. Students under 16 must be accompanied by a participating adult. The followings classes are available for this year’s FabLab Family Days:

August 5 | Vinyl Cutting: Personalizing School (or Office) Supplies
Using the vinyl cutter, kids can customize school supplies before heading back to school. (Parents could get creative with office supplies too!) Personalize notebooks, binders, rulers, pencil pouches, and more.

September 9| Laser Engraving: Custom Pet Tags
Create a personalized pet tag using a laser engraver.

October 7| Intro to Robotics: Fun with Electronics
Learn to solder a LED circuit board to create a custom MakerBot or build and race a bristle bot.

November 4| 3D Printing: Custom Chocolate Creations
Participants will print their own three-dimensional chocolate creations using 3D printing pens.

December 2 | Laser Cutting: Christmas Ornaments 
Participants will use the laser cutter to create unique, custom designed Christmas ornaments.                                       

 Pre-registration is required for each course. The FabLab also provides full courses on 3-D Printing, laser cutting, and other fabrication skills. The full, four-week courses offered in the fall are Introduction to 3D Printing which begins October 3 and learn How to use the Laser Cutter which begins Nov 7.  Memberships to the FabLab, which provide daily access to industry-standard fabrication equipment are also available. To enroll in the FabLab Family Days or a full course or to inquire about a FabLab membership, contact the Workforce Economic and Community Development Division at PHCC by calling 276-656-5461 or go to