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PHCC Conducts Successful Lock-Down Drill

Over 40 law enforcement officials assisted Patrick Henry Community College (PHCC) Police Chief Gary Dove with a lockdown drill earlier today on the Martinsville and Patrick County sites.

Chief Dove spearheaded the lockdown drill in order to bring awareness and understanding to the campus and law enforcement officials to prepare for a major event. “It doesn’t matter where a situation happens, it is impossible to be 100% prepared,” Dove said. “However, the more we discuss these situations and practice, then the more prepared we’ll be to save lives if the worst happens.”

Law enforcement officials from 11 departments gathered at the PHCC campus this morning to prepare for the event. At approximately 9:10 a.m., the campus went into lockdown and everyone on campus experienced what will actually happen during a lockdown until a law enforcement official came through each building and each room to clear everyone to return to normal activity.

“This is the first time we have done this on our campus and our goal is to continue doing these throughout the year. It’s just as important for law enforcement as it is for students and employees to have a better understanding of the campus, the layout of the buildings, and the areas that we need to concentrate on if something actually occurs,” Dove commented. “We can’t thank our partners in the area enough who took time to help us make this an overall success.”

The exercise comprised of personnel from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Department, Martinsville Police Department, Martinsville Sheriff’s Department, Danville Police Department, Virginia State Police, Ferrum College, Patrick County Sheriff’s Department, Martinsville Fire Department, Danville Community College Security Department, Patrick Henry Community College Police/Security Department, and several PHCC administrators including Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members and building coordinators.