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PHCC now an official Siemens partner

PHCC students can now earn a Siemens Mechatronic System Certification (SMSC) – an internationally recognized world-class technical qualification which gives a clear advantage in the job market. 

Now an official Partner School with Siemens, PHCC is among only a few U.S. colleges with instructors certified by the corporation to teach in the program.

Mechatronics Certification is recognized by industries as a gold standard for workers who are ready to perform complex advanced manufacturing responsibilities using critical thinking skills and scientific reasoning, according to PHCC Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Steve Branch.

Siemens, one of the world’s largest high-tech manufacturing corporations, is a leader in complex technologies, particularly in systems integrating electrical, mechanical and computer engineering.

The marriage of these three engineering fields, better known as mechatronic systems, plays an ever-increasing role in modern technology. Because technologies become more sophisticated each year, Siemens works with qualified partner schools to educate competent and motivated personnel.

Tim Helbert, a current student in the program, said taking courses in mechatronics is instrumental in continuing his career as an electronics and instrumentation technician.

“This information is applicable in the maintenance field, both as a mechanic and an electrical technician,” he said. “Mechatronics makes you aware of the importance of understanding complex mechanical and electrical schematics, while giving you the skill to use these schematics to do your job. I feel it has improved my troubleshooting abilities and refreshed my understanding for the importance of continuing to grow a knowledge base in the maintenance or engineering field.”

In earning the certification, emphasis is placed on efficiently operating complex mechatronic systems, troubleshooting and foreseeing problems. Students who complete the required five classes (Introduction to Mechatronics; Mechanisms; Principles of Instrumentation; Digital Systems I; and Principles and Applications of Mechatronics) and who successfully pass the exam will earn a world-class industry certification as Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems (SCMS) Assistant.

“PHCC General Engineering and Industrial Electronics students who earn the certification will be qualified to perform the high tech mechanical engineering, electronics and computer applications in an advanced manufacturing environment,” Branch said.

“I am confident the attractive salary ranges and available job opportunities will attract students into the program. Providing a work force with these skills will support the needs of local industries and attract more industries to locate in the region.”

According to Siemens, Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Assistants understand the full system. In this certification level, they view the components or devices in terms of their roles within the system, and work to keep the system running at maximum capacity.

Courses required by the program are offered this spring. Registration for Spring Semester classes will be held Wednesday through Friday, January 8-10 at PHCC.