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Students Visit State Legislators

The two groups, traveling first on Jan. 27 and again on Feb. 3, spoke with Sen. William Stanley Jr., and delegates Les Adams, Charles Poindexter and Danny Marshall. PHCC President Angeline Godwin accompanied the second group traveling on Feb. 3.

Danny Marshall and students

A group of student athletes and staff members from PHCC with Del. Danny Marshall (seated) in Richmond on Jan. 27. Those pictured include (from left, standing) Bailey Jones Jr., Micah Hedgepath, Melvin Johnson, Samantha Barton, Haley Faulkner, Jailene Cartagena, Katherine Kopp, Caitlan Tuala, Destiny Jackson and Women’s Basketball Coach Brian Henderson.

Del. Les Adams and students

PHCC students and staff visiting Richmond on Feb. 3 met with Del. Les Adams (seated). Those pictured include (from left) PHCC President Angeline Godwin, Stacey Davis, Andrew Mullins, Dylan Gage Jones, Lucas Prillaman, Amy Smith, Edith Grevious, Ktesha Penn, JoAnn Shellhammer-Fox and Briana Amos.

Charles Poindexter and students

“Every Day is Community College Day,” sponsored by Virginia’s Community Colleges, brought PHCC students to Richmond on Feb. 3 to meet with Del. Charles Poindexter (seated). Those pictured include (from left, front row) Andrew Mullins, Edith Grevious, Briana Amos, PHCC President Angeline Godwin, (back row) Stacey Davis, Dylan Gage Jones, Lucas Prillaman, JoAnn Shellhammer-Fox, Amy Smith and Ktesha Penn.

Senator William Stanley and students

PHCC students spoke with Sen. William Stanley Jr. (fourth from left). Students include (from left) Melvin Johnson, Bailey Jones Jr., Jailene Cartagena, Destiny Jackson, Katherine Kopp, Caitlan Tuala, Haley Faulkner, Samantha Barton and Micah Hedgepath.


Students urged legislators to support Virginia’s community colleges. They also shared their personal stories of how community colleges are helping them achieve their goals.

Melvin Johnson, a student and part-time staff member at PHCC, said it was largely because of the college that he was able to get his life back on track after a rough past.

“PHCC gave me a chance to succeed,” he said. “By supporting community colleges,” he told legislators, “you’re helping others get that chance.”

Godwin said it’s a great experience for both students and legislators when they’re able to meet with each other.

“Our visits to the General Assembly not only provide our students with an opportunity to see the legislative process in action, but it also provides our representatives with the opportunity to hear directly from students about what our community college means to them in pursuing more education, a better career, and their dreams for the future,” she said. “Our students are PHCC.”

Students visiting in the first group include Johnson, Micah Hedgepath, Destiny Jackson, Jailene Cartagena, Caitlan Tuala, Katherine Kopp, Samantha Barton, Bailey Jones and Haley Faulkner. Students in the second group include Stacey Davis, Andrew Mullins, Dylan Gage Jones, Lucas Prillaman, Amy Smith, Edith Grevious, Ktesha Penn, JoAnn Shellhammer-Fox and Briana Amos.

“Every Day is Community College Day” is an event sponsored by Virginia’s Community Colleges that allows students to lobby on behalf of community colleges during face-to-face meetings with their legislators.