Instructional Media Services

Our primary mission is to support teachers by way of providing and supporting technical media equipment.  We work closely with the IT staff to integrate media equipment with computer hardware and software.  Additionally we provide general media support for other areas of the college.  If it involves audio or video, from TVs to microphones, we are involved!

We offer equipment check-out services for Faculty and Staff members that includes projectors, laptops (for the projectors if needed), portable screens, and Hand-held DV recorders.  We also duplicate DVDs and CDs (although we don’t provide editing support) and we offer technical recommendations for any and all Audio/Visual applications campus-wide.

Extension 0444 Instructional Media Support, Building West B118

Classroom media equipment

Instructions for Using Classroom A/V Equipment

Using the Hovercam Ultra 8 Document Camera

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Instructions with diagrams


Button Box Classroom Equipment Operating Instructions

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     Classrooms: West B102, 110, 124, 127, 221, 222, 223, 224, 208, 209
                        Philpott 121, 137, 140, 141 
                        All Frith Classrooms

General Document Camera Operation

Qomo QD700&3900 Document Camera Software:
Instruction Sheets for QD700 and QD3900

West 134 Operations:

West 135 Operations:

Qomo Projector Control:

Switcher Projector Control:

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