Security Awareness Training

All employees are required to complete Security Awareness Training annually – Employees are responsible for using their PHCC/VCCS account, email, the Internet, and other technology resources in a manner consistent with the policies/standards they must review and acknowledge annually via Security Awareness Training. Employees who don’t complete their Security Awareness Training will lose access to their PHCC network/email account until this training is completed. Security Awareness Training is a contracted service referred to as GLS OnDemand. The login ID required to access GLS OnDemand is the same as the employee's PHCC email address ( Requests for a new password from the GLS OnDemand site will be sent to the employee's PHCC email account. If the employee has lost access to his/her PHCC email account due to failure to complete training in a timely manner, he/she will not be able to retrieve the new password. In this case, the employee will have to contact the IT Helpdesk to have his/her password reset.

Support for Security Awareness Training is provided by the IT Helpdesk. The IT Helpdesk can contacted via phone at x0411 or via email at .