Message from the President

PresidentNow is the time for innovation.

All around the globe, people are realizing that for communities to be economically viable and for individuals to be successful, we must employ innovation. By definition, innovation means disruption, upheaval, shaking things up. On the surface, this might sound negative, but in reality it is just another way of looking at things; a way of using creativity to approach daily life.

At Patrick Henry Community College, not only are we offering new, innovative programs of study, we are being innovative in the way we offer them,

New programs that hold promise for equipping students with skills to enhance employability include mechatronics, innovation engineering, global languages, and other programs that prepare students for a world that demands quick thinking, capable team work, and nimble problem solving. PHCC is the first community college in the nation to offer the Innovation Engineering academic program, which provides students with concrete skills to turn innovation from a random and risky event into a reliable system.

But it’s not just these new programs which focus on innovation. From conducting research for that English term paper to combining elements in chemistry, to calibrating tools and equipment for advanced manufacturing applications in motorsports, students use creative, innovative thought.

It’s been called “thinking outside the box.” At PHCC we provide students with a toolbox that includes soft skills employers seek: critical thinking; teamwork; problem analysis; communication skills – innovation.

It is our goal to ignite that creative spark that we know resides in every student’s mind.


Angeline D. Godwin, Ph.D., J.D.